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Born September 12, 1964, Ben earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree from Auburn University in 1987 and a Juris Doctorate degree from Cumberland School of Law in 1990. Ben has been a practicing attorney since 1990 and spent six years in Central America. He is familiar with customs and conditions of the region and is fluent in Spanish. Ben established and is currently the Vice President of the Legal and Contracting with Emergency Response Training Systems, the only company to run military style software (jcats/acats) for training of civilian law enforcement (ERTS Opelika, Alabama). This also provides homeland security training for the Auburn University Homeland Security department. Ben Hand is the winner of various Who’s-Who Awards, the Republican of the year for 2001, and a Republican Nominee for the U.S. House in 1994. He is licensed to practice law in Alabama and Georgia. Ben founded Hand, Fellows and Associates law firm and is the founding member of the board of directors of Beacon University in Columbus, Georgia. Ben currently represents thirty-two different non-profit organizations in Alabama, Texas, Georgia and Tennessee. He is a business legal adviser to seventy-five different small businesses and corporations. Ben was hired by Chief of police, Terry Sanders, to represent him in a dispute with the Valley City Council in Valley, Alabama and was also hired by Chief of Police, Ben Brown, to represent him in negotiations with the Lanett City Council and the mayor of Lanett, Alabama. The former city attorney for Uniontown, Alabama, Ben is a city prosecutor for cities of Opelika and Roanoke in Alabama. Ben is a family court referee in Lee County, Alabama and was appointed by Governor Bob Riley as an Administrative Law Judge for State Health Planning and Development Agency. He successfully represented the State Republican party in Lee County during Governor Bob Riley’s election challenge 2002. Governor Bob Riley was elected by a narrow margin and the outgoing Governor challenged the election. Ben was asked by Governor Riley to represent him in Lee County. Governor Riley won and the challenge was dropped by the outgoing Governor. Ben was a guest lecturer for the Auburn University Safe House. He instructed the local law enforcement and Domestic Violence counselors on obtaining protection from abuse orders. Ben was a guest lecturer for Auburn University SOAR for lawyers and realtors on construction law. He is an elder at Believers Church in Auburn, AL and on the board of directors for the Spirit of Life Church in Murfreesboro, TN. Ben is a Gideon speaker and member since 1992 and a Municipal Judge in Wedowee, Alabama since 1995. Ben%2

The Life of a Missionary-Lawyer-Judge-Father

My blog has long been a source of information regarding a variety of legal situations, such as DUI and drug arrests. However, I finally got the opportunity to sit down and talk about my life, and was surprised to learn … Continue reading

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Basic Personal Injury Information

Thousands of people suffer every day from a wide variety of medical issues not caused by a disease or chronic illness. Many suffer in pain and silence, never realizing that they should be seeking compensation from the person, company, manufacturer, … Continue reading

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Product Liability Cases

In the state of Alabama, and in the United States in general, manufacturers and designers are held liable if something they create, design, sell, produce, or manufacture harms someone in any way, from defective products to lead issues and so … Continue reading

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Winter Vehicle Safety Tips

 Winter often leads to high crime rates, as more people are willing to leave a vehicle running or start a vehicle in the driveway in order to warm up the car before heading out. Criminals that operate by chance, … Continue reading

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Brain Injury Lawsuits: Information and Resources

An injury to the brain can cause more problems than most other types of injuries, and outside of the spinal cord, these kinds of injuries can be more life altering as well, from loss of motor skills or paralysis to … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Accidents in Alabama

Although there are hundreds of motorcycle accidents in Alabama every year, thousands of people still choose to operate a motorcycle on a daily basis, even as a primary vehicle for a single person. Because so many people continue to operate … Continue reading

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Social Security and Disability Claims in Alabama and Georgia

Regardless of whether you were injured or born with a disability, filing for these benefits can be challenging. The same is true for social security benefits, with many complicated forms to fill out and send to the right place and … Continue reading

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The Death Penalty in Alabama

No one likes to think about the ultimate punishment that can be handed down by the court system in any state that still supports it. The threat of death can be a terrifying thought for any defendant, but those who … Continue reading

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Guide To Commonly Used Legal Terminology Part 1

There are a lot of words, phrases, and terms that are used very often in legal cases, most of which are nearly incomprehensible to the average American. You may have heard some of them, but may not realize what they … Continue reading

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Capital Crimes in Alabama

Capital crimes are among the most serious offenses in the United States, since the consequence of a conviction is usually the death penalty in states that still allow this type of ultimate punishment. Alabama is one of several states that … Continue reading

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